has a cliff for your clunker

The auto retailer's 'Cliff Your Ride' contest asks drivers why their wheels are the worst in the country and should, literally, be rolled off a cliff.

Drivers who are still stuck with that clunker now have a chance to push it off a cliff, thanks to‘s new viral contest.

Launched yesterday, the Toronto-based new and used online auto retailer’s ‘Cliff Your Ride’ contest asks contestants to submit a video explaining why their relationship with their automobile turned sour, and why the clunker deserves to be ‘cliffed.’ The winner will also receive $30,000 towards a car purchase on the site.

Last week, AutoTrader set up video booths at university house parties and pubs, asking students to complain about their rides, and then posted those videos on its website. The viral and out-of-home promo behind it officially began this week with an unveiling at the 2010 Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto.

The campaign, which targets youths aged 16 to 30, was created by Toronto-based John St. with media handled by PHD and Mosaic Experiential Marketing. Campaign components include the social media trio (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), as well as executions in Auto Trader’s magazines and websites and upcoming auto shows.

Visitors to the site and the social media outlets can vote for their favourite video, and the top 20 will be reviewed by a judging panel. The contest runs through April 10, and the ‘cliffing’ will take place at the end of April. AutoTrader will strip the car of recyclable materials and debris before it’s pushed off the hill (at an undisclosed location), and the expected final result, besides cheering from the owner, is a fiery explosion.