Weetabix bounces with b-boys, trampolines

Weetabix cereal is launching a new healthy breakfast campaign in Vancouver with free parfaits and a call to action to support BC's Breakfast for Learning in-school programs.

Weetabix cereal is holding an outdoor Big Breakfast today at Vancouver’s Pacific Centre and TD Plaza, featuring break and fusion dancers and trampoline acrobats. Passersby will witness hip-hop, swing and stomp performances and then be served a free Weetabix breakfast parfait.

The event is part of a campaign called ‘Fuel Your Healthy Lifestyle,’ which also includes a four-week radio buy running through May 9, a sponsorship of the Vancouver Sun Run and print placements in the Sun and free commuter dailies.

The campaign creative and media was handled by Delta, BC-based Suburbia Advertising, and the events were arranged by Toronto-based Idea Workshop. Consumers are encouraged to visit  FuelYourHealthyLifestyle.com (launching later today), where for every ‘healthy lifestyle’ contest entry, the Cobourg, ON-based brand will donate $1 for a child in BC’s Breakfast for Learning in-school programs.

Targeting adults with active lifestyles aged 35 to 65, Jacquie Perlmutter, brand manager for Weetabix Canada, says the dance event is part of a west-coast strategy that hopes to engage active adults who like to dance and have fun.

‘We wanted to gather together a series of activities that portray that if you lead a healthy, active lifestyle, you can partake in some of these things as well,’ Perlmutter says.