Amp Energy juices up office life

PepsiCo launches a new Amp Energy drink product with a multimedia campaign designed to engage consumers with robots, space invaders and raucous office workers.

Energy drink advertising often focuses on hardcore creative themes like extreme sports or more whimsical fare like Shakespeare-inspired cartoons. But PepsiCo brand Amp Energy is kicking off the launch of a new product with a multimedia campaign built around an idea with everyday allure: workplace genius bred by energy drink consumption.

The ‘Amp Works. Pass it on’ campaign officially starts May 17, but an online video (in French and English) is already up on Amp Energy’s YouTube brand channel, where it has earned over 30,000 views in its first two days, and on its Facebook page. Creative was handled by Proximity in Toronto, media by OMD and in-store promotional materials by Toronto-based Capital C. The video features a regular 9-to-5 office guy, Eric, who drinks his Amp Energy Juice in the morning and is so jazzed by it, he builds an ice-cream dispensing robot and deploys it in the office. The result? Pure pant-suited chaos.

The ‘robot’ spot will be joined by a digital campaign with an online buy including standard banners, in-banner video units, wallpaper executions and mobile banner ads on Facebook,,,,, and, as well as a Yahoo! sponsorship during the FIFA World Cup.

One of the online banners will feature an in-banner game inspired by the ’80s classic video game Space Invaders. The game will also live on the brand’s Facebook page, where product-tasting tour dates will be announced as well. (The trucks for the Amp Energy sampling tour will include QR codes on them, so that passersby can snap photos and be carried to the ‘robot’ spot online via their mobiles.) The tour will be handled by Toronto-based Launch!