Sunlight goes Deep

Launching a new product - especially in the low-involvement category - requires mass media to build brand awareness. Sunlight's senior brand manager explains the detergent's latest campaign.

Sunlight Deep Clean, a new product that’s launching next week, is targeting moms who believe that doing laundry is one of the ways of taking care of their family.

‘They want to do it right, and they want to make sure that using this detergent will get their clothes clean the first time,’ Jillian McLaughlin, Sunlight senior brand manager, says.

A campaign for Sunlight Deep Clean will launch in stores next week, and will ultimately span online, print and TV media using a ‘UV’ demonstration, where a Sunlight scientist will pass light over laundered clothes to show that certain types of sweat and oil are not removed by ordinary brands. Creative was handled by Toronto-based Capital C, while PHD did the media buy for the advertising, which will begin to roll out online and on TV in mid-August in across W Network and CTV properties,, and Style at Home‘s website, while the print buy won’t launch until December.

Since Sunlight was taken over by the Sun Products Corporation, headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut, a year and a half ago, Sunlight detergents have been focusing on building the brand through product innovation such as Sunlight Green Clean, which launched last July, says McLaughlin.

‘We’ll be supporting our brand through innovation, in order to strengthen our Sunlight brands within Canada,’ McLaughlin explains. ‘We’re supporting very heavily.’

Using online advertising allows the target consumer (moms, aged 25 to 54) to interact with the Deep Clean message, while in-store shopper marketing makes her feel like ‘she’s very action-oriented,’ says McLaughlin, about the target demo. And because detergent is a low-involvement category, traditional mass is the best way to get the message out.

‘Our competitors are on TV and in print, and that’s where she’s taking time, sitting down reading magazines, having a moment to herself and hopefully our message will be very impactful.’