StrawberryFrog helps Pampers say Hello Baby

We asked Canadian founder Scott Goodson about ushering Pampers into the age of apps.

When the iPad launched in the spring, so too did P&G brand Pampers’ first-ever mobile device application. No, it doesn’t remind you to buy diapers, Hello Baby is a pregnancy calendar that tracks development in the womb and offers life-sized images of what the baby looks like at different stages. It also provides parenting tips from the Pampers Village online community.
It’s seen success so far – Hello Baby was the number one most popular iPad app in the Health and Fitness section of the iTunes store and it remained in the top 10 in this category for three months after launching. And the little app has even caused some controversy – being proclaimed “pro-life” by some. The app was created by StrawberryFrog, its global digital AOR for Pampers, out of the indie shop’s New York office.
We asked Canadian founder Scott Goodson about ushering Pampers into this new frontier.

Where did the idea come from?
Pampers moms are heavy users of digital and social media. The idea for Hello Baby was developed by the StrawberryFrog innovations team to establish a deep relationship with new mothers and fathers who are heavy users of mobile and new technology.

Why go with the iPad as opposed to something tried and true?
I believe clients are best served by always leaning towards the new shiny object. Today this means being present with the launch of new technology and especially all things Apple. We were one of the first iPad apps. We were featured by Apple on the front of iTunes. We were talked about and used as the yardstick against which others are measured.

How much time gets spent with it?
The amount of time spent “dwelling” on this app ranks higher than most because of the engaging nature of the content and the interactivity required to cull through the information.