What will the future of our industry look like? We asked the experts for their predictions.

The future of green is experiential
By Ian Morton, founder & CEO, Summerhill Group

Whether you are selling organic coffee or hemp hats, the buying experience matters. People often buy green products for the feel-good vibe that comes with the purchase. Events that enhance this vibe and create a memorable experience can generate a positive buzz around your brand. And when amplified through social networks, this buzz can generate significant financial rewards.
In the future, smart retailers will place more emphasis on events that create memorable experiences related to better choice products. In our 15 years of creating retail campaigns, we’ve learned that “information does not lead to transformation.” Brochures, magazines and flyers raise awareness but rarely lead to conversion of better choice products at shelf. So every year we deploy over 2,500 environmental ambassadors in retail settings to engage the public on issues ranging from energy, water, air and climate, and this “Green Army” converts thousands of customers every year to better choice products.
In a marketplace saturated with identical propositions, the retail winners will be those that create standout experiences that make the environmental value clearer to customers. Not only do in-store experiences bring your sustainability platform alive – they engage your associates as well as driving traffic and sales. Conversion to green at the shelf leads to conversion of green at the cash register.

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