Pro-Line’s gut feeling

The Hive unveils a humorous new brand campaign for the OLG property.

Ever get a nagging urge to bet on a sports game? If you’re a gambling man (or woman), chances are you have, and a new campaign for Pro-Line is giving that gut feeling a voice – literally.

In its first brand campaign since The Hive won the OLG business last October, the creative features a sports enthusiast with a ‘Sports Gut’ – a little guy in full fan regalia coming out of his stomach telling him he should bet on a game. The tagline is ‘Listen to your sports gut and get way into the game.’

Simon Creet, CCO at Toronto-based The Hive, explains that the insight came from research they conducted while testing the ‘get way into the game’ concept: ‘We heard from a few people talking about the feeling they get when they don’t listen to this voice, knowing that the Leafs were going to win and not betting on it. And so we started thinking about bringing this voice to life.’

Timed to coincide with the launch of the football and hockey seasons, the campaign will run until playoffs via TV, OOH, ads in sports sections of newspapers and on sports sites like and. There is also an in-bar component using iPads – teams will invite bar patrons to play a game in which they can bet on whatever sports match happens to be showing at the bar.

Anyone else have the sudden urge to watch Total Recall?