Maynards’ mug shots

A new national OOH campaign invites consumers to 'capture' delinquent candy using smartphone QR codes.

Maynards is trying to make its candies Canada’s most wanted with a national campaign that turns the Sour Patch Kids into juvenile delinquents.
Along with the Kids, Swedish Berries, Fuzzy Peaches, Original Gummies and Sour Cherry Blasters have all been labelled outlaws and had their mug shots posted across the country. According to the posters, the products have run afoul of the law in different ways (e.g. Original Gummies are wanted for “jaw-walking” and Fuzzy Peaches for “disturbing the peach”).  The candy company has also incorporated smartphone QR codes in the posters so passersby can “capture” the candy and, through the Maynards Facebook page, turn in the criminals for a chance to collect a $25,000 reward.
Running until Oct. 24, the OOH campaign is meant to bring all of the Maynards treats under the one brand umbrella, says Michelle Lefler, manager, corporate communications, Cadbury. Grip handled the creative, Cossette Communications did media planning and MediaVest handled the buy.