B!G Bronze: Taxi and Canadian Tire make change

A new kind of Canadian Tire money nabs the Bronze medal.

The challenge
Heading into 2009, the tough economy created a challenging time for brand building. Many clients had trimmed marketing and advertising budgets and the remaining money had to work harder, with a priority on immediate results. Taxi needed to develop an idea for Canadian Tire that could drive volume and build the brand in this harsh climate.
The insight
Canadian Tire Money is a part of the chain’s relationship with its customers. And since it’s given out in-store for purchases, it’s directly tied to sales.
Since 1922, Canadian Tire has played a role in family life in Canada. As the leading retailer of many sports and recreational categories, it also had an opportunity to connect to Canadian winter outdoor activities. Reminding people of the connection between Canadian Tire and Canada’s winter pastimes could strengthen the emotional bond to the brand.
Given the excitement of the Olympic Games, the coverage was an ideal place to celebrate Canada’s “other currency.”
The B!G idea
Taxi approached Canadian Tire with an idea to celebrate the tradition of Canadian Tire Money by creating and promoting limited edition $1 coins. Not only was it an opportunity to create buzz, it would draw more people into Canadian Tire stores.
Over a three-week promotional period in February, customers who made purchases of $25 or more would receive a $1 limited edition coin. The coins would depict three great Canadian winter outdoor activities – skating, tobogganing and hockey. A new design was made available each week.
In December the Canadian Tire flyer, PR and radio were used to seed the idea of the new coins, and drive volume leading up to Christmas.
During the Olympics, 60- and 30-second versions of the TV spot “Skate Story” brought to life one of the family moments being commemorated on the Canadian Tire Money Coins. A 15-second version was used as a pre-roll within the online buy, and a special two-minute version of the spot was featured on Canadiantire.ca.
A multimedia package was negotiated with the CTV consortium focusing on men’s hockey coverage but also leveraging the high-profile opening and closing ceremonies.
In spring 2009, Canadian Tire had a great response to a photo contest asking customers to share their best family photos featuring summertime activities on Canadiantire.ca. The contest was repeated – this time featuring winter activities. An
in-store poster was used across a number of touchpoints to reach both store staff and customers. The weekly flyer leveraged the same design.
The impact
The decision to run the Canadian Tire Money Coins promotion in February was made to drive traffic into the stores at a time that is usually quiet for Canadian Tire, as it falls between Christmas and spring.
Nearly $3 million in coins were distributed. Forty percent of all transactions during the promo period came with a coin. This is the highest participation rate Canadian Tire has achieved on similar promotions (“spend $X, get $Y off” promotions). Typically, this type of promotion has been “richer,” that is, more in the range of spend $40, get $10 off.
Sales increased 4.7% versus the same period the previous year. The average spending of customers participating in the program resulted in a 124% increase in average basket size of all customers (those who participated and those who
did not). An ROI of over 175% was achieved.

What the judges said
“This is a winning campaign that simultaneously tugs at the heartstrings and increases store traffic. It was a brilliant way to build equity and drive sales, while capitalizing on two Canadian traditions – sports and Canadian Tire money.”
–Farrah Bezner, Kraft Canada

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