BBR brings Outaouais logo to life

A new “living logo” for the region by Bleublancrouge collects data and turns it into an ever-changing design.

It’s hard to get noticed when you sit beside the nation’s capital, so when the Outaouais region of Quebec wanted to strengthen
its identity, and possibly bring in more tourists, it enlisted Montreal-based Bleublancrouge.
After a branding exercise with a group of locals, the agency found that the region has a desire to stand out more and showcase its economy, quality of life and tourism, explains Jean-Philippe Tardif, VP branding and design, Bleublancrouge. So to cover the various attributes of the region, BBR created a “living logo” that collects data (which can be anything from weather patterns to bicycles riding by a park) and turns it into an ever-changing design. The logo will launch on a web portal in the next few weeks and at press time they were finalizing the data that would be used.
The plan is to then kick off a three-year campaign using the logo in communications, which may include TV, billboards and online advertising. Various static versions of the logo will be used for marketing, stamped with the date and time in which they are captured.
“It’s all based on the real life that goes on there, it’s not an artificial brand,” says Tardif. “We’re really proud of that because we found a way to humanize [it] with technology.”