L’Oreal Paris generates Youth Code

An online interactive program that allows consumers to create a personalized digital mosaic is a social media first for the beauty brand in Canada.

A personality quiz on the L’Oréal Paris website leads to an individualized ‘Youth Code’ – or a mosaic of pretty landscape and daily life images scrambled in pink and black shades.

The beauty brand launched the Youth Code Generator as its campaign for a new line of skin creams, called Youth Code, targeting career women aged 25- to 44, of whom 91% use Facebook monthly, and 49.5% are on Facebook daily, says Sabrina Bélisle, Product Manager, L’Oréal Paris.

‘Therefore, it is a target highly involved in social media and social sharing,’ Bélisle says. ‘With regards to digital, personalization is very important and the key differentiating factor of this medium as well as a key success factor for any relevant digital media initiative.’

The Youth Code Generator was developed by Montreal-based interactive agency Nurun, with media placement handled by ZenithOptimedia. It will be promoted through banner ads on Glam Media properties, MSN, the Elle Canada and Flare sites, as well as through the L’Oréal Paris Facebook fan page.

Once completed, the mosaic can be converted to desktop wallpaper or shared with friends, encouraging them to create their own codes. Digital marketing is a top priority for L’Oréal Paris because it helps facilitate connection and dialogue with their target demo, who are active women, interested in fashion, entertainment and self expression, says Bélisle.