Skittles invites touching

The Wrigley's brand has unveiled a series of YouTube videos that put viewers' fingers right into the action.

Wrigley’s Skittles brand may be known for its “Taste the Rainbow” tagline, but this month it’s inviting consumers to “Touch the Rainbow”…well almost.
The brand worked with BBDO Toronto to create a series of YouTube videos that viewers can “interact” with. They’re asked to touch the screen, allowing their fingers to play a role in the stories, doing everything from fighting crime to hitchhiking, befriending cats and even going to war. Of course, the fingers don’t actually control the story, it just appears as though they do.
With media handled by OMD, the videos will be disseminated through YouTube postings, blogger seeding and Skittles Facebook postings (the Skittles fan page has over 15 million fans, over 850,000 being Canadian). Also, a YouTube masthead will appear several times throughout the campaign. Naturally, Skittles is hoping for word of mouth and viral appeal to spread the vids.
The videos will launch mid-month and run through early summer, but will remain online indefinitely afterwards. With files from JP