Degrassi takes transmedia to school

A new episode-based mobile app allows fans to interact with the show's characters.
Degrassi image

Fans of Degrassi now have a chance to enroll. Much MTV Group, in partnership with Toronto-based XMG Studios and Epitome Pictures, has developed a “choose your own conversation” app that puts viewers into the show.
The episode-based game is being sold globally to reach the show’s 2.7 million-strong international Facebook fan base, and will be available on all major platforms. It provides players with a customizable avatar they can use to enter Degrassi environments and converse with characters. Those interactions will affect their ongoing relationships and social status in the game. Each episode on the app will also feature mini-games.
“Applying principles of gamification is key to the long-term success of the Degrassi world,” says Chris Unwin, senior strategist, Much MTV Group. “We’re translating real world social currency insights into deep engagement.”
Players can earn points that can be redeemed for virtual goods, unlockable content and conversations. “Top Earners” will be featured on Brands will be able to get in the game through opportunities to help fans unlock content, conversations or Degrassi currency, or even be integrated into the plotline of the story.
“The most exciting part is that these kinds of programs, and the app marketing altogether, will be built into a broadcast/online plan,” says Unwin. “We’ll be pre-promoting and recapping mobile storylines in the same way we do with broadcast, except this time fans decide how the story will play out.”


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