2011 Marketer Survey

Our annual poll checks in on the state of the marketing nation, from budgets and stress to agency relationships.

As another year comes to a close, our eighth annual marketer survey provides a glimpse at the current state of the marketing nation.

Over 220 marketers weighed in this year, with a heavy female skew (63% female, 37% male). Just over a third of the votes came from those in the 26-to-35 demographic and another third were 36 to 45, with young’uns under 26 representing 18% of votes. We heard some voices from the corner office, with 7% of participants holding a president or CMO title, while 15% of votes came from VPs or directors of marketing and 64% came from those in managerial roles. A whopping 44% had only been with their current company for one to two years, while 15% had been there over 10.

In terms of salaries, 33% of respondents earn under $70K, 49% take home between $71K and $150K, 13% nab between $151K and $250K, and 5% earn more than $250K.

What did your colleagues think were the top priorities, trends and concerns as we move forward into 2012? Read on to find out. You can download the PDF version of this feature, or see text versions below.

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