The next beer-volution

Using insights from heads at Molson and Labatt, strategy presents its predictions for what will hit the cooler next.
MOLSON COORS CANADA - Now available: Coors Light Iced T

Beer continues to evolve, offering line extensions designed to take it beyond the bar and ballpark to new “special occasion” consideration sets and challenge the range of beverages encroaching on beer’s turf. With the recent patio-timed introduction of Molson’s Coors Light Iced T and Labatt’s Mojito-inspired brew, we wondered, what will they think of next? Molson’s chief commercial officer Peter Nowlan says some of its recent launches are specifically to snag drinkers away from other booze categories such as wine and spirits, while Labatt’s Lisa Kittlesen, national marketing manager, Bud Light, says consumers were looking for sweeter beer options. Using these insights, strategy presents its predictions for what’ll hit the cooler next.

Water Pilsner: Molson 67 is already touted as the low-cal beer option, so we see the competition one-upping to an even healthier choice. Almost 97% pure water with a light beer flavouring, patio-goers don’t have to sacrifice the drink they love just to fit into their short shorts. Water Pilsner’s only downside is its ridiculously low alcohol content. Those looking to drown their sorrows will be disappointed: at 0.001%, Water Pilsner will be the stingiest option on the market. Capitalizing on the water flavouring trend, further line extensions could include powdered Pilsner packs for instant H2O infusions.

Beer-mapolitan: Inspired by Bud Light Lime Mojito, we anticipate someone will sweeten the bitters in an effort to draw in those Sex in the City lovers. Served in a martini-shaped beer stein, the Beer-mapolitan is one part light lager, one part triple sec and one part cranberry juice. We can just see Carrie sipping away in her Manolos.

Candied Ale:  With the influx of candy-flavoured vodkas and rums (marshmallow-flavoured Smirnoff anyone?) brewers will have to keep up. Introducing a candy inspired six-pack. With flavour options like Skittles, Sour Patch Kids and Jelly Bellys, the mix-and-match packs are sure to be the life of the party.  Line extension possibilities abound: gummybeers anyone?

Steak and stout: Why stop at dessert flavours such as chocolate cherry, maple syrup and coffee caramel stouts? Make a beer a full meal. Inspired by Willy Wonka’s meal-replacement gum, stout, fortified with a full set of vitamins and minerals, lets drinkers enjoy a salad, steak and potatoes combo before trying one of the Candied Ale options for dessert. Mmmm filling.