CASSIES Bronze: Quebec Pork producers campaign for change

Fédération des producteurs de porcs du Québec touts healthy pedigree of local meat.

BRONZE: Events, Seasonal & Short-Term

Situation Analysis Quebec pork is among the finest in the world, and is very different from the pork of 25 years ago. However, it isn’t top of the grocery list because the perception of pork has not changed over time. To make things worse, while Quebec pork is exported to more than 125 countries, Quebec stores continue to import low-end pork from around the globe. In fact, 30% of pork sold in provincial groceries is imported, but the offshore origins are not identified on packaging. This prevents Quebec pork from taking advantage of its “homegrown” status.

Strategy & Insight For the primary grocery shopper (35- to 54-year-old women) health and nutrition are becoming more important and pork was not faring well in this environment. It has been years since top-quality pork was a fatty meat, but that remained its image. This led to three decisions: first, convince the target that pork is a healthy, lean meat with 30% less fat than 25 years ago; second, differentiate Quebec pork from foreign pork; and third, introduce new pork cuts unique to Quebec – osso buco and racks. From this, a campaign strategy of focusing on change emerged.

Execution Television, the centerpiece of the campaign, featured endearing characters resistant to novelty who finally evolve thanks to Quebec pork. Other efforts (print, web banners, website, POS, newspaper, stunt and in-store tactical event) also delivered the concept of change, captured in the line, “Quebec pork has changed. Change for pork.”

Results The perception that pork is a lean meat grew to 24% from 19%, and the average weekly consumption of pork (fresh cuts only) grew to 41% from 32%.

Cause & Effect With no other marketing activity or aggressive price promotion running at the time, the campaign is the only viable cause of the results.


Client: Fédération des producteurs de porcs du Québec
Marketing director: Julie Gélinas
Agency: Lg2
CD: Marc Fortin
AD: Lysa Petraccone
Copywriter: François Sauvé
Interactive CD: Jennifer Varvaress
Strategic planner: Marc-André Fafard
VP account services: Julie Dubé
Account executives: Annie Tremblay, Natacha Laflamme
Supervisor, group account: Claudia Joly
Coordinator, group account: Adurey Dignard
Electronic production: Claudia Lemire
Director: Jean-François Asselin
Director of photography: André Turpi
Cinélande: Production House
Post production house: Technicolor
Sound: Boogie Studio, Denis-Éric Pednault
Music: L’Oreille Cassée
Branding: lg2boutique – Claude Auchu, Serge Côté
PR: Velocity – Claudia Gervais, Patricia Laurence
Media: Carat – Lucie Gauvin, Katia Rassi, Maryse Archambault, Vanessa Julianno, Joëlle Lavigne