Advertising titles: Real or fake?

With agencies throwing around new titles like candy, take strategy 's quiz and test yourself on which positions are for real or fabricated.
Hello my name is

There’s been a rash of newfangled titles at brands and agencies these days, so strategy put together a selection of found and fabricated positions to wrap your heads around. The question is: can you tell the difference between reality and fiction?

1. Chief wizard of light bulb moments
2. Multimedia visionary director
3. Digital ninja
4. Animal colourist
5. Manager of creative moments
6. Direct mail demigod
7. Retail Jedi
8. Chief commercial creator
9. Chief datasexual
10. Chick sexer


Answers: 1. Real. Meet your future client/brand’s marketing director. 2. Fake. 3. Real. Duties include assassinating the competition with ass-kicking digital tools. 4. Real. If it weren’t for this guy, Target’s bulldog mascot would be without its bull’s eye stamp. 5. Fake. 6. Real. When print met digital, this supernatural being was born. 7. Real. Method Products’ focus groups likely found Retail Klingon to be too alien for the category. 8. Fake. 9. Real. Only facts and stats gets this exec at Brainsights going. 10. Real. While not really advertising-related, we couldn’t help point out a position for someone who’s solely qualified to determine the gender of chickens.

Photo courtesy of Graham Lavender (Flickr Creative Commons).