DGM Creative set to land in Canada

The Australian creative agency, with clients like Virgin and Mercedes-Benz, has chosen Vancouver for its first global office.

DGM Creative will arrive in Canada from the land down under this summer.

The Melbourne, Australia-based “full service communications agency for the information age” shop has picked Vancouver’s Gastown district as the spot for its first international office, which will open in July.

Considering DGM’s expertise in commercial production and animation, the Canadian city is an auspicious location for the agency to tap into the local film and TV production talent pool. Not to mention the district being an epicentre for creative and design agencies.

Daniel Melone, the shop’s CEO, says the agency was once known as DGM Advertising and primarily bought and sold media, while also creating marketing and strategic plans. “However, over a year ago, we rebranded ourselves to DGM Creative as this was in-line with our overall vision…With our recent focus, we’ve officially transitioned from a traditional visual communications agency to a creative foundry.”

The advertising, branding, digital, motion graphics and visual arts agency works with some big name clients in Melbourne, including Virgin, Mercedes-Benz, KPMG and Honda. In Vancouver, the new office will work closely with its home headquarters, with the team expected to grow to a team of six within its first year. Simmone Marchant, managing director at DGM will lead the agency’s expansion into North America, starting with the Canadian shop.

“Simmone will be the only Australian to be based in Canada,” says Malone. “We expect to employ Canadians as part of the team as we believe that we need to support the local economies from which we choose to operate. We will be hiring Canadian designers, programmers, illustrators, animators and marketers.”

Malone adds that DGM Creative will differentiate itself in the new market by bringing a “24-hour pipeline” to Canadian clients. “As the two offices will be working in a unison, the clock will never stop ticking. When Canada is asleep, Australia is awake. Essentially, we will get things done in half the time without compromising our strict adherence to quality and service. The financial and time costs can dramatically be reduced with this model.”