Ripley’s Aquarium launches a spring push

New OOH, print and digital ads from One Advertising promise 100% off boredom.
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Now fully established, Toronto’s latest attraction has a new campaign rolling out just in time for summer.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is launching a static image push, featuring three fishy favourites and the promise of “100% off boredom,” with creative and media from One Advertising.

Pulled from the insight that visitors spend, on average, two hours walking through the aquarium “enraptured” by their immersive surroundings, the campaign was designed to capture how consumers felt while at Ripley’s, says Karen Howe SVP/CD, One Advertising. “Unlike other campaigns around the world when they talk about aquariums – they usually leverage a quirky fish fact as a way to bring you in – [this campaign] comes down to the insight of what you’ll feel rather than trot out one of the many things you’ll see.”

The campaign will live largely in travel magazines, as well as in OOH around the GTA, and primarily targets families with children, she says, with a sweet spot of families with elementary school-aged kids. It will run through until May.

“Speaking as a parent, one of the biggest things you battle during vacation is ‘Mom, Dad, I’m bored,’” she says. “Most parents will tell you they want something that’ll pull kids away from technology [as well].” She says the campaign is also designed to appeal to the brand’s wide-ranging visitor demo, which includes everyone from seniors to millennials on dates.

The campaign evolves the brand’s launch, which had a “We’re here,” vibe, Howe says.