Ian Mackenzie joins KBS+ Toronto as CD

Canada's top-ranked copywriter joins the Toronto shop from Tribal Worldwide.

There’ll be another new face at KBS+ Toronto as of Monday, with Ian Mackenzie joining the agency from Tribal Worldwide.

Mackenzie, who was ranked the top copywriter in strategy‘s Creative Report Card, is coming off a year where he won multiple Cannes Lions, including a Gold Cyber Lion as creative lead for Tribal on McDonald’s Canada’s “Our Food. Your Questions.” transparency campaign.

He moves up from ACD to CD at KBS+, where he will work across the agency’s brands, including BMO, Target and Church & Dwight, says CCO Matt Hassell.

Mackenzie says he was initially drawn to the agency by the opportunity to work with Hassell, who joined KBS+ himself in January from OgilvyOne.

“I’ve been looking at Matt’s work since he was at OgilvyOne and liking the work he’s been doing,” Mackenzie says. “The more I met the team over there, the more excited I became.

“I feel there is a lot of momentum,” he adds. “Matt and the team are in team-building mode and that’s an exciting thing to be part of.”

Hassell says Mackenzie joins the shop following its long search for a CD.

“He applies a good understanding of how to apply creativity to social, in the same way that he applies it to the videos he puts out,” Hassell says. “There is a real understanding and a democracy of where he applies his creative skill and that is the one thing that stood out for me of all the candidates.”

In addition, Hassell believes MacKenzie will complement CD Marketa Krivy, who was announced as a new hire by the agency just last month, along with copywriters Nimo Awil and Darren Marranca, and art directors Pepe Bratanov and Adam Tuck.

Hassell says he feels like he now has the “all-star team I’ve always wanted.”

“I want a team of 18 creatives, not 16 plus two,” Hassell says. “I need them to work together, look at each other’s screens, get all of the great, extra creativity popping around the office when people are feeling like they work together, even if they’re not partnered.”