Infographic: Online video fans favour QSRs

Does watching a video online mean you're more likely to head to McDonald's? According to this survey it does.

If you watch online videos, it means you’re more likely to head to a QSR than someone who doesn’t, according to a new survey from Videology.

The video advertising platform’s study has found Canadian online video viewers to be 27% more likely to head to a QSR for lunch and 18% more likely for dinner, compared to those who don’t watch videos on the web. This presents an opportunity for marketers to engage in day-part targeting, a release on the survey suggests.

Of the meals respondents said they’d be most likely to eat at a QSR, non-online viewers took the breakfast category at 24%, with only 14% of online video viewers favouring this meal.

The video-watching crowd is also more likely to spend more money at a QSR than non-online viewers, the study has found.

Additionally, after seeing an ad or learning about a promotion on any medium, internet video watchers were found to be 31% more likely to go to a QSR than their non-viewing counterparts.

Check out the “Video Viewers are Hungry for Quick Service Restaurants” infographic (click for larger view) for more of the survey’s findings.

Top image via Shutterstock.