Rethinking T-shirts

Take inspiration from these smart shirts that seem to be all the rage.

Clunky phones and chunky fitness bracelets getting you down? If only you could run with a lightweight obstruction-free “second skin” to track your performance and path. Well, if you can hold tight until later this year, and live in the U.K. or France (according to Fast Company), then you’ll be able to purchase D-Shirt, a tech tee, created by French company Cityzen Sciences, that does everything a fitness app can do, but without having to carry any extra bits. It’s just you and the shirt on your back (preferably pants too, but those aren’t tech-ified…yet). It’s embedded with sensors and sends data – such as your heart rate, location, speed, calories burned – to your smartphone, whether you have it on you or not. But if you choose to take the connected phone, you can monitor your performance in real-time and even receive personalized coaching.

It’s joined by Canadian company OmSignal on the smart-shirt scene, which recently unveiled its cool lineup of bio-sensing Ts. Soon, all our clothes may be smart. Finally, a wearable that’s not only useful, but looks good too.

These shirts join the likes of speakers, newspapersprinterskeyboards and musical instruments getting a facelift. Got something you’re reinventing? Feel like reinventing something yourself? Check out Dom Trudeau’s three easy steps for lessons how. Got something you’re already trying to reinvent? Send us a line.