Which Canadian campaign scored an IPA shortlist nod?

Hint: it's health-focused, has already won a CASSIE and has garnered 200,000 "risk assessments" online.

heart and strokeA campaign aimed at helping Canadians smarten up about their health is receiving global recognition.

“Make Health Last,” by Lowe Roche and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, has been shortlisted for the IPA Effectiveness Awards.

The London, U.K.-based awards competition, described in a release as “the world’s most rigorous and prestigious awards scheme,” recognizes campaigns that drive business results.

The “Make Health Last” campaign garnered a 72% brand awareness level, while 200,000 seven-minute risk assessments were taken online. While 80% of heart and stroke disease is preventable, public perception of its urgency was declining, the foundation says. So to reach apathetic boomers, the campaign showed Canadians that they could enjoy the last 10 years of their life, rather than spending it in sickness, as they do on average. To avoid this, it encouraged them to be proactive and make positive changes.

This year, 70 campaigns were entered into the awards program, and “Make Health Last” is among the 35 shortlisted. The awards night will be held Oct. 27.

“These 35 shortlisted campaigns provide absolute proof of the transforming power of communications to a business’s bottom line,” said Lord Davies of Abersoch, the chairman of judges for the awards. “For anyone looking for invaluable insights into how to turn a creative idea into commercial success, look no further than these exemplary cases.”

Earlier this year, “Make Health Last” won a CASSIES Bronze, an award recognizing Canadian advertising that resulted in impressive business results.