JUICE reinvents mobile engagement

As the shift to mobile grows, JUICE Mobile taps emerging tech to provide the most innovative tools and opps brands need to win in this space.
LEFT: JUICE Mobile recently partnered with Twitter's MoPub exchange to offer programmatic native  app advertising through the MoPub Marketplace.  RIGHT: Nectar™, JUICE Mobile's programmatic direct (aka automated guaranteed) platform for mobile.

LEFT: JUICE Mobile recently partnered with Twitter’s MoPub exchange to offer programmatic native
app advertising through the MoPub Marketplace. RIGHT: Nectar™, JUICE Mobile’s programmatic direct (aka automated guaranteed) platform for mobile.

JUICE Mobile is already known for innovation in the mobile space, but over the past year they’ve really amped it up. In addition to the launch of new ad formats and a native programmatic solution, JUICE Mobile also started a new company to build a proximity marketing beacon network and transform product sampling with mobile-activated vending machines.

What these new ads and initiatives have in common is that they all capitalize on the inherent potential of mobile – its capacity to deliver personal, relevant and interactive communications.

At the beginning of this year, JUICE Mobile made a commitment to take mobile advertising beyond the banner. This resulted in the creation of of array of innovative formats including voice-activated, interactive video, interactive scroll, hot spot and interactive mobile flyer ad units.

JUICE Mobile’s verbally-interactive mobile ad, for example, has really added a new twist to mobile engagement. The ad unit uses Nuance’s Voice Ads technology to involve the consumer in a dialogue through voice recognition, which provides real-time responses based on the consumer’s feedback. The unit can be customized and integrated with other technology such as geo-location, product search/location lookup, video, music and dynamic social media feeds.

These new ad formats can be bought via JUICE Mobile’s proprietary Nectar™ programmatic direct platform for mobile that connects advertisers with premium publishers, enabling them to reach the right audiences in the right environments through one platform.

Most recently, JUICE Mobile announced a partnership with Twitter’s MoPub exchange to offer programmatic native app advertising through the MoPub Marketplace, the mobile ad exchange that connects publishers to multiple native advertisers.

Native mobile advertising is one of the hot buttons in the industry and a natural complement to Nectar™ as well as JUICE Mobile’s Swarm DSP. With native app advertising, creative is automatically generated for the brand across each publisher without the need for individual customization.

According to IPG Media Labs, consumers look at native ads 53% more frequently than standard banners. “The push toward native advertising is increasing,” explains Neil Sweeney, president & CEO of JUICE Mobile, “so the time was right for us to add this programmatic execution to our offering. More and more publishers are embracing native – as are brands – looking for new ways to reach their audiences.”

On top of JUICE Mobile’s accomplishments in mobile advertising and adtech, president & CEO Neil Sweeney is now starting a new company that focuses on proximity marketing, mobile vending, wearable technology and the Internet of Things. The new company’s first foray into these new areas includes the ability for advertisers to target audiences using beacon technology.

The company’s new spin on marketing mainstay – product sampling – explores alternative and innovative solutions for brands to distribute product via mobile-triggered vending machines. The machines are customized with branded vinyl wrap and equipped with an LCD display screen, interactive touch screen, a product window and a point-of sale-module that supports near field communication (NFC). The creative wrap and the screens engage consumers and invite them to share information about themselves via their smartphone in order to release samples. Marketers can also choose to re-engage consumers through a follow-up survey on screen or their smartphone delivered via email/SMS.

JUICE Mobile is committed to pushing the boundaries of mobile and this year it continued its push beyond the borders by opening new offices in New York City and San Francisco.