Infographic: The power of print

More than 80% of consumers said they've read a flyer in the last month, and other stats from a new BrandSpark survey.


Despite the wealth of information available online and the increased availability of devices with which to access it, the old-fashioned printed flyer remains an important tool for consumers in Ontario when making purchase decisions, according to a survey by BrandSpark and Metroland Media of 1,814 retail shoppers in Ontario.

It’s not just that 97% of shoppers still read a flyer (print or digital) at least once a month that stands out, it’s how prevalent printed flyers have managed to remain. For example, 86% of those surveyed said they read a printed flyer in the last month, compared to 56% who said they read an online flyer, and that’s not the only area of the survey where print was king.

Check out the key findings from the research in BrandSpark’s infographic below, or click over to Media in Canada for a deeper look at the survey’s results:

Ontario consumers prefer traditional flyers to online versions

Featured image courtesy Shutterstock