Infographic: Finding a financial future foothold

Canadians are cautious about their finances and using tech, but there are ways banks can build that trust.

Canadians are cautious when it comes to both their finances and using new technology to manage it, according to a new study from Microsoft Canada Advertising. But it’s not for a lack of desire.

In a study Microsoft commissioned from research firm Tapestry, 2,000 Canadians were surveyed from September to October of last year on their financial confidence, saving habits and how often they use tech for banking and buying. While most of those surveyed know they need to be financially responsible and describe themselves as being cautious when it comes to their money, they are finding it hard to take the first steps towards meeting those goals. Similarly, Canadians want new digital banking tools and payment methods, but are hesitant to trust new tools and the exchange of data that comes with them.

Microsoft has compiled the findings into an infographic below, so financial institutions can take note of what issues they should be addressing and services they need to be promoting to make Canadians feel secure in giving them their hard-earned money.

Fin Serv Infograph - FINAL-page-001

Featured image courtesy Shutterstock