Red Dot opens it doors

The data-minded digital and social agency has set up shop in Toronto and New York.

Brands looking to put numbers and results behind its social media campaigns have a new option in Red Dot Digital.

Founded by Karima-Catherine Goundiam, who will lead the Toronto office, and Jure Klepic, who is leading the New York office, Red Dot is focused on providing strategic services on digital and social campaigns, delivered with a specific focus on customer retention, business growth and ROI, providing other creative services as need.

“I’ve sat at countless meetings where people have said they don’t like social media, so we want to provide the know-how to show clients what the measurable business benefit is,” Goundiam says. “By default, digital and social requires a lot of content, but it needs to be more than just good copywriting. It needs to have strategy and a good business mind behind it.”

The Toronto office currently has a two-person team, though Goundiam says the agency will be working with other boutique and small shops, as well as freelancers, to provide any outside creative services or expertise it needs until it is at a point that it can grow.

Goundiam has spent the last six years at the head of Three Angels Marketing, a social media consultancy, and has previously had positions as a social media lead at Sonic Boom and Deloitte Canada. Klepic was previously a partner and digital strategist at Lucule Consulting in New York. Between the two of them, they’ve worked on social campaigns for Deloitte, Ford, Chanel and Givenchy.

Red Dot was launched in New York and Toronto eight months ago, but most of its efforts at that time were dedicated to pursuing leads in the U.S. Now, the agency has turned its attention back to the Canadian market. While Goundiam couldn’t disclose the shop’s current clients, she says they are working with one retailer and professional firm. Red Dot will also be focusing on working with many small clients, startups and small companies with no more than five employees, through specific programs that can be scaled and tailored to their business needs and financial capabilities.

Goundiam says Red Dot will also focus on diversity as it grows its staff.

“I’m a black woman, my business partner is gay, so we want that to be part of our culture,” she says. “We also want that to be something that sets us apart when clients are looking at who to work with.”

Image courtesy Shutterstock