Leo Burnett’s side gigs

From drag to DJ-ing, take a peek at the shop creatives' second lives.

LB Side Notes

In case you missed it, strategy’s sister site stimulant has introduced “Passion Projects,” a section dedicated to the weird and wonderful things creatives are doing when they’re not hard at work in the agency world. Have your own side project like the ones below? Then email Jen Horn with your passion for the chance to be featured in stimulant and strategy online.

Whether it’s strutting down a “catwalk” dressed in drag, leaving books on seats in subways for people to take and return or restoring vintage mopeds, creatives at Leo Burnett (from Toronto to Buenos Aires and many more places in between) know how to keep themselves creatively charged after hours.

We know this because the shop has its own video series, called LB Side Notes, that captures an evening or weekend with particularly passionate staffers doing what they love most (besides advertising, of course). The series “spotlights strategists, art directors, editorial directors and creative technologists as they take the cameras on an exploration of their ‘second lives’ as fashion bloggers, DJs, moped junkies and interview show hosts” and it’s just what we needed to stop us from kidding ourselves about couchsurfing being a legitimate hobby and to try something new.

From Stimulant