Want to light your creative fire?

Calgary's Evans Hunt has one way of sparking ideas.


Creativity is a fire waiting to burn in every one of us. You just need a little help finding a light to get it going. That’s where Evans Hunt comes in. The Calgary shop has created what it likes to call “Creative Kindling.” The matchboxes (sans actual matches) are custom printed and come with 15 different pieces of advice that should (in theory) help light your creative fire. Want to reconnect with nature to get the juices flowing? The cards suggest you try camping, hiking or growing a beard.

The agency, which is mostly known for its digital chops, is ready to show off what it can do in design, hence the matchbox that’s being given out to clients and other creatives to show that the team’s “capable of doing kick-ass design work and putting together a killer piece of creative,” says CW Jordan Finlayson. About 400 boxes were printed with the new design, which means there is a pile of discarded matches ten times that amount sitting somewhere in their office. Emergency exit, anyone?



 From Stimulant. You just read about a “Passion Project,” a weird and wonderful thing keeping creatives busy when they’re not hard at work in the agency world. Have your own side project like the one above? Then email Jen Horn with your passion for the chance to be featured.