Inside Samsung’s tech galaxy

The brand brings the Global Galaxy Studio to Canada for a chance to go hands-on with its latest products.


Samsung gave consumers a new way to try out the company’s rapidly evolving technology for themselves by bringing the Global Galaxy Studio to Canada.

Located in the centre court at CF Sherway Gardens shopping centre, Toronto is the fifth city globally to adapt the Global Galaxy Studio concept, following activations in Seoul, London, Singapore and New York.

IMG_1985cropAlthough it’s built around the recently released Gear S2 smartwatch, the Studio is meant to show off the capabilities of all of Samsung’s latest mobile tech, on its own and when paired with each other.

“This is all about taking our latest and greatest and giving people the chance to go hands-on with [it] and maybe reveal some things they aren’t aware of with some of the latest editions,” says Mark Childs, chief brand officer at Samsung Canada. Samsung has done activations that allow consumers to trial with products in the past, although they have been much smaller in scale and typically focused on a single product. “What’s great about the Studio is that it can immerse people in the entire mobile experience we can offer them, while also highlighting some of the features that are most important to them.”

IMG_1979cropThe Studio’s more straightforward trial stations have the Gear S2 paired with the Galaxy S6 smartphone or Note 5 “phablet.” Style-conscious consumers can also see and try on the various bands for the S2 and S2 Classic created for Samsung by Italian designer Alessandro Medini.

The Studio features stations where visitors can use a Note 5 to design their own Gear watch face (which staff can then press into a button), test out a pair of Level headphones or speakers while mixing music on the SoundCamp app, or bring it all together at one station that also features the Gear VR headset. There is also a station showing off the ways hockey fans can enhance their NHL experiences with Samsung products as part of the company’s partnership with the league.

The first day of the Studio on Friday featured a surprise performance by The Arkells and a handful of Instagram influencers documenting the Studio experience. The Studio will be at Sherway until Nov. 8, with special offers available to those who visit. Although the current plan is to only have the Studio at Sherway, Childs says the company will be looking at the activation and evaluate the possibility of bringing it to other locations within Canada.

Sherway Gardens is also the location of Samsung’s new flagship “Brand Experience” store, set to open on Nov. 20 as part of the mall’s recently opened north wing expansion. What will be the company’s largest store will also be the fourth location in Canada and first in Ontario and, much like the Studio, is being built to provide hands-on experiences with company’s latest tech.