Inside Samsung’s new flagship

The new "Experience Store" takes an interactive approach to the brand's retail line.
Samsung Experience Store Grand Opening. November 20, 2015. Toronto, Ontario Canada.  (photo: Vito Amati)

Samsung has launched a new flagship retail location aimed at giving Canadians another way to interact with the company’s newest tech.

At 2,535 sq. ft. and located at Sherway Gardens shopping centre, the newest Samsung Experience Store is its largest in Canada, and its first retail footprint in Ontario. The store held its grand opening on Friday and had more than 6,000 visits in its first weekend.

In addition to service and a range of mobile accessories, the Experience Store, as the name implies, is designed to give consumers as many opportunities as possible to interact with the company’s products, from TVs to phones to the new Gear VR, and see how they can interact with each other and work together.

“We know Canadians want to see the potential of our technology in an integrated way, so in this store we have a much stronger integration between our lineup to see how this tech all connects with each other,” Mark Childs, CMO at Samsung Canada says. “The intention is rooted in the experience. It’s not about giving them a hard sell, it’s just a chance for them to go hands on and see the potential of the products and, frankly, using the innovation to sell itself.”

The lineup of products in-store is also focused on the company’s newest products in each category, eschewing things like the typical wall of TVs to instead make more room for customers to try each product out. It is also allowing consumers to go hands-on with the company’s upcoming tech, as it had the Galaxy View tablet in-store for consumers to try on Friday, the first day it was available for pre-order.

“There’s an expectation from shoppers that one of our stores should have the latest in innovation first,” Childs says. “The ongoing strategy in each of the stores is meeting expectations of what a store should deliver and exceeding them by showing the potential of the products, be it in how they work together or what’s soon to come.”

The store also takes what Childs calls a “programmatic” approach to content, planning ahead of time the experiences it is looking to provide in store. For example, the launch weekend was centred around Samsung’s partnership with the NHL, and showed how its TV and audio products worked together, while mobile tech showed how to keep track of teams, scores and stats on the go.