The Movember Foundation’s hands-on approach

The organization uses soap on a rope to tackle lack of awareness about testicular cancer.


As much as they might enjoy growing (sometimes terrible) ‘staches in the fall, most millennial men aren’t stepping up when it comes to self-checking for testicular cancer.

That’s why the Movember Foundation is helping spread the word this April – Testicular Cancer Awareness Month – with some cheeky (or would that be ballsy?) soap on a rope.

Testicular cancer mainly affects men aged 15 to 29, and it’s the most common cancer diagnosed in Canada for that cohort, according to the organization. Still, only about a quarter of men it surveyed knew the highest-risk age group. In other words, many don’t realize that this is not an old man’s illness.

In addition, among Canadian men surveyed, 77.5% either never or rarely perform self-examination and 68.1% only go to the doctor when there is something they know is going wrong, if at all.

The global campaign, created by Australia’s Urchin, includes fundraising through the sale of the limited edition “Know Thy Nuts” soap, boxer shorts and socks set (available through the Movember Canada website). The foundation is using its network of past donors and supporters to help spread the word about the campaign.

The idea is to make men aware of the signs and symptoms of the cancer and what is normal for them (and of course, check themselves while in the shower). “A big part of effectively curing this disease is making sure men go to the doctor immediately if they know something is not quite right,” says Adam Garone, co-founder and CEO of the Movember Foundation. He adds that if detected early, the cure rate for testicular cancer is high.

In Canada, the campaign includes print in 200 bars and restaurant washrooms, with Newad on the media buy.

The campaign also involves sharing survivor stories and self-check awareness information through videos and images on Facebook, a unique Facebook profile frame and unique Snapchat filter. Boston-based Gupta handled digital media.