Check it out: Lg2 throws in some little extras

The agency is courting U.S. clients by showing them how much further a dollar goes in Canada.

A lot of Canadian agencies have been looking south of the border for new business, which is becoming a more attractive proposition to budget-minded clients. Though the dollar is doing slightly better than when it was posting record lows a few months ago, a USD can still stretch between 25 – 35% further here, depending on how the markets are feeling that day. Lg2 seems to have realized this.

In a video released last week, a pitch that already seems to be going pretty well gets a little something extra thrown in when a creative director 35% the size of the original brings in all the extra ideas the client’s money will get her because of the exchange rate. Soon after, the CD is joined by miniature versions of people from strategy, account service and design.

The agency has also set up a microsite that converts a client’s budget into CAD, complete with a contact form that lets them “lock in” the exchange rate of the day.