Check it out: Tough love from Miami Ad School

A new spot promoting the Toronto school's opening shows that no one gets better by being babied.

Advertising is a tough business, and you sometimes need honest – even harsh – feedback to succeed. Miami Ad School Toronto believes this as well, and it’s spelling out how important that is in its latest recruitment effort.

Created by John St., the video shows a young creative in an interview with a creative director, showing a concept that he immediately begins to drool over. The CD becomes more and more effusive, demonstrating how unfulfilling it can be when you don’t get the kind of blunt feedback you need to improve your work.

The ad builds on a print campaign launched last month attempting to reach potential applicants ahead of the school’s opening in July.

“When I’ve met students over the years looking at their portfolios, I’ve seen kids from agencies that maybe aren’t doing the best work for whatever reason, and you think about what they could do if they went to a program like this,” Stephen Jurisic, creative director at John St. and creative chairman at Miami Ad School, told strategy last month about the kind of creative education he hopes the school will provide.

“For some of them, if they went to a school like this for even two years, they could springboard over the people at the agency they’re currently at. And now they don’t have to get the money to fly to Miami to do that.”