BIMM: Helping clients take the guess out of work

Data-driven creative agency launches SoundCheck to market with greater certainty


We all know the old adage, “I know that half of my advertising is working. I just don’t know which half.” Thankfully, we’ve made some serious progress. But in this data-rich age, there still remain unanswered questions that can keep clients up at night. Are we using the right channel mix? Am I really solving the multi-channel attribution problem? Are we getting the best ROI?

The fact is BIMM’s been a data-driven integrated creative agency for over 35 years, long before Big Data became a thing. And now more than ever, the creative shop is equipped to help answer these questions and more.

We’ve always felt an agency had to have real accountability for their creative effectiveness. As a result, we take a media-agnostic, but data-rich, approach to all aspects of advertising

Mike Da Ponte,
BIMM President and CEO

Mike Da Ponte, BIMM President and CEO, explains, “A lot of agencies have jumped on the data bandwagon, but don’t necessarily have the experience and capabilities to leverage that data to optimize results. We’ve always felt an agency had to have real accountability for their creative effectiveness. As a result, we take a media-agnostic, but data-rich, approach to all aspects of advertising – from branding and traditional advertising to digital and direct – and everything in between.”

Roehl Sanchez, partner and CCO, adds, “Creatively, we’ve always been firm believers in leveraging the power of data. To some creative shops that would seem diametrically opposed to being creative. You know, art vs. science. But we feel it’s never been an OR, it’s always been an AND. It’s only now that other creatives are starting to recognize that the two are no longer enemies – even Cannes recently added data award categories. And, in fact, I would add, that this new breed of creative who embraces data as a new source of inspiration – those are the ones who will ultimately thrive.”

The data and creative marriage is what led to BIMM helping clients market with greater certainty. Now, with the launch of their new SoundCheck™, the creative shop provides a concrete suite of data-driven tools to help solidify that even further. From the customer to the creative to the channel – SoundCheck intends to take that guesswork out of the mix for marketers.

In essence, SoundCheck allows clients to minimize presumption and maximize certainty every step of the way from the customer to the creative to the channel. This value of attributing and testing throughout the process empowers clients to market with greater certainty.

One of their SoundCheck tools uses machine-learning to get to better insights. Through this text-based modelling tool, they take very real and naturally occurring social data (vs. a forced poll or focus group) and then extract and validate more telling and authentic insights.

Another tool helps improve sales conversion by using the latest technologies and campaign attribution models. BIMM’s cross-channel marketing attribution capabilities tie newly acquired customers’ actions to their past behaviour, so clients can make more informed decisions and justify their marketing spend.

Clients are already learning the benefits of SoundCheck. One client recently saw a 120% lift in their conversion rate – a direct result of BIMM’s predictive acquisition models.

For a recent anti-bullying campaign for the Canadian Safe School Network, BIMM recognized that retargeting ads behave a lot like a cyberbully – they follow you everywhere. So BIMM used that same strategy so their target could experience being bullied online. But, like all innovative work, this was no easy feat. It required a daily status and recalibration with Touche and AOL to ensure the ads were being optimized and hitting our target.

Of course not every brand challenge requires an advertising solution. BIMM’s groundbreaking, award-winning work on MyAudi Tracker (including 2 CMA’s, an Echo and a Webby) addressed the waiting challenge for customers with customized orders. BIMM pulled data to give customers realtime updates on their newly ordered vehicle as it travels from the factory in Germany, across the Atlantic and all the way into their driveway. This helped Audi minimize order defections and engage customers in a meaningful and personalized way.

Sanchez summarizes the benefits of SoundCheck, “Gut can only take you so far, which is why we always validate our creative with data. This is how we’re able to market with greater certainty for our clients.”