Welcome to the all new Marketing C-Suite newsletter

What you can expect from this weekly digest of news for marketing executives.

Thanks for taking a look inside this first issue of strategy‘s Marketing C-suite newsletter.

For those who received C-Suite Filter from Marketing magazine, you’ll find this new product quite familiar. Marketing put that executive-focused newsletter on hold while the editorial team merged with those of strategy and Media In Canada. This combined group of experienced industry reporters has now relaunched Marketing C-Suite to keep business leaders well-informed of the competitive landscape and provide a forum for the marketing issues that shape their fortunes.

And there is certainly no shortage of issues. Identifying and finding new talent and expertise, agency relationships, market pressures and decisions from foreign ownership, the quicksand of shifting consumer expectations – most modern CMOs are run off their feet trying to stay on top of what’s expected of them.

Add to that the growing growing roles that CEOs and the rest of the c-suite are playing in the marketing world and you begin to see the need for this weekly newsletter.

Marketing C-Suite readers can expect high-level analysis of brand strategies and investments, interviews with business leaders and executive brand marketers, deeper explorations of Canada’s top brand campaigns and insight from the people directly shaping the marketing industry.

If you were a C-Suite Filter subscriber in 2016, you’ll automatically start receiving this newsletter every Monday. Otherwise, please visit our subscriber page to sign up for free.

Jeromy Lloyd
Digital Editor