Courting the modern military woman

Ogilvy Montreal's latest ad offensive for Canada's Armed Forces dares potential recruits to be extraordinary.

Women are the focus of a new ad in the Department of National Defence’s latest recruitment campaign.

The female-focused spot is one of three versions of a concept created by Ogilvy Montreal that highlights the variety of careers within the military. Footage shows women in uniform in a variety of settings, from navigating tanks through a winter landscape to delivering humanitarian aid at a mobile clinic.

“I had the same impression of the [Forces] I think everybody else does. When you think of a military career, you think guns, tanks and war,” says Linda Perez, senior vice-president of client services at Ogilvy Montreal. “But close to 80% of the roles are non-combat… You can be a cook just like you can be an armed soldier.”

The overarching “Dare To Be Extraordinary” campaign is currently appearing in cinemas and online, with a broader digital rollout expected later in the year. Ogilvy already developed a robust LinkedIn strategy that features the priority jobs the military is seeking to fill.