Salesforce gives AI-powered image recognition a new platform

Marketers can now access Einstein Vision capabilities through the company's social management tools.

Salesforce has announced that Einstein Vision – a suite of image recognition tools powered by the company’s growing artificial intelligence capabilities – is now available through Social Studio, giving marketers a new, automated addition to their social listening.

Building Einstein Vision capabilities into Salesforce’s social marketing management platform allows marketers to use image recognition in a range of different ways.

They can measure brand integrity, effectiveness and reach by searching for how their branding appears at events they are sponsoring, for example, and analyzing the sentiment attached to the photo. They can find images of their products, offering a better understanding of how consumers use them, or allow marketers to offer proactive customer support, such as in the case of a recall. The service can also provide better consumer insights, using image recognition to discover “trending” products and categories.

All of the capabilities are powered by Salesforce’s Einstein AI platform and are fully automated. The feature is currently only available for use with Twitter, though Rob Begg, VP product marketing of social and advertising products at Salesforce, said in an email that the company has plans to expand to other platforms in the future.

Einstein Vision was previously announced in March as a series of APIs that allowed developers to bring AI-powered image recognition capabilities to their own CRM platforms and apps. Bringing Einstein Vision to Social Studio will allow marketers to use those capabilities through the existing Social Studio and Marketing Cloud platforms, without having to build anything themselves.

Last month, Salesforce announced a range of new Einstein-powered APIs, including Sentiment (to analyze the sentiment of text in emails and social posts), Intent (to analyze the intent of customer inquiries to classify leads and personalize CRM campaigns) and Object Detection (to recognize multiple unique objects and their features in a single image). Sentiment is already a part of Social Studio, while Object Detection is utilized as part of Einstein Vision.