Piller’s targets the afternoon opportunity

The deli meats brand goes after younger consumers facing the 4 p.m. slump.


Deli meats brand Piller’s Fine Foods is targeting millennials who hit an afternoon wall with a new digital campaign.

Piller’s first launched its Salami Whips snack last year and has been working on driving awareness and trial primarily through sampling. But the biggest barrier facing the product – which goes up against other shelf-stable meats, like pepperoni sticks and jerky – was consumers not knowing what they were or when they could eat them, says Stephanie Egan, marketing manager.

As a result, Piller’s and the Jack Russell Agency – which signed on with the brand earlier this year – created a new marketing campaign rooted in the opportunity around afternoon snacking and its Salami Whips’ ability to provide some needed energy.

The primarily digital campaign is a first for the 60-year-old brand, which has traditionally not had much of a marketing budget. The family-owned brand was acquired in 2011 by Premium Brand Holdings and is now venturing into targeting consumers on digital.

Piller’s has traditionally skewed toward families, particularly those with teens in the house, Egan says. With its Salami Whips, though, there was an opportunity to skew younger and hit on a target that may not already be considering Piller’s products.

The campaign includes two video spots and banner ads across Rogers Media properties, YouTube, Spotify and Facebook, in addition to radio.