Tech in Action: Kayak uses AR to measure luggage

The travel site's new tool gives users a heads up on whether their bag can be carried onto their next flight.

Last year, Apple released ARKit, a platform that gives users – and app developers – access to improved augmented reality experiences on mobile devices. The main improvement ARKit offers (as did ARCore, a similar developer kit for Android) is a more accurate judgement of size and distance, something brands involved with furniture and interior design immediately jumped on to give consumers the ability to see what products might look like in their homes.

But what about the things you want to take out of your home? Namely, the luggage you’re going to be bringing with you on your next trip.

As part of the most recent update to its iOS app, online booking site Kayak has released an AR-powered baggage measurement tool. After searching for a flight using the app, users can simply capture their luggage within their phone camera to log its dimensions. As users continue to search for flights, Kayak will notify users if their baggage can be brought as a carry-on, if it needs to be checked or if it will result in extra charges. The measurement tool also compares a user’s luggage against the baggage policies from every airline, so it will come in handy as users compare prices from different sources that have different policies.