Peoples Jewellers organizes an on-air proposal

The jewellery retailer aired an ad during a Maple Leafs game to share a special moment as it unfolded.

Viewers of a Toronto Maple Leafs game on Monday saw an ad that was intended for someone else, but they were welcome to watch the spectacle.

During a commercial break in the first intermission of TSN’s broadcast of a game against the Boston Bruins, a man named Mike appeared on screen to directly address his girlfriend Christina. Mike spoke about their relationship before getting on one knee, presenting a ring and asking Christina to marry him (while noting that most of Toronto was watching).

The ad was from Peoples Jewellers – the official jeweller partner of the Maple Leafs – and its agency Juliet. The team set up a camera in the couple’s home as they watched the game and were waiting with a crew outside their door to capture the reaction – she said yes – which was quickly turned into a 30-second ad that aired during the third period of the game.

Peoples has previously helped couples facilitate big-time proposals – such as at centre ice during a live game – through its partnership with the Maple Leafs, but Monday’s stunt brought it to an even larger audience. Over 737,000 people were watching the regional broadcast of the game, with hundreds of tweets and social posts from people asking if she said yes before the second ad aired.

“There’s nothing quite like a good proposal story,” said John McNamara, VP of marketing at Peoples Jewellers. “And to see people take notice almost immediately, wondering if she said yes, reminds us of that. The idea of using traditional media for something as untraditional as this was exciting and had us all on our toes.”

The ads came with the tagline “Love Is Worth It,” part of a platform that Peoples Jewellers – which has 150 stores across Canada and will be celebrating its 100th anniversary next year – launched earlier in the fall. The hero spot features a narrator describing what is worth giving up for love, with the new tagline putting an emphasis on the emotion and relationships associated with Peoples’ jewellery than the previous, more functional tagline “Canada’s #1 Diamond Store.”