Today is the deadline for The New Establishment: Brand

Junior- and mid-level marketers responsible for innovative ideas now have until the end of the day to enter.

Marketing departments across the country are evolving, moving frantically to keep up with the changing needs of the industry, demands of consumers and pressure of competition. Once again, strategy is recognizing the young people working on the big ideas that have helped their brands keep pace with those changes with The New Establishment: Brand.

The New Establishment program exists to celebrate pioneers in the industry at the junior and mid-level.

Before the end of the day on the new June 11 deadline, you can nominate someone you work with who is responsible for something especially noteworthy within the marketing department at your brand. We don’t just mean that they work hard or are a delight to be around. We’re sure they are, but we want to hear about achievements that has proven they’re New Establishment material.

Maybe they led an internal initiative that changed the way the marketing team works, or what their priorities should be. Maybe they brought in a completely new skill set. Or they challenged the status quo and convinced the team to try something different for the brand or category, with noteworthy results. You can nominate co-workers, bosses, employees, rivals or even yourself.

You can submit a nominee via the New Establishment website here.

Following the application submission, the nominees will be reviewed and scored by the jury of this year’s Strategy Awards. The winners will later be revealed during the Strategy Awards ceremony, set to take place on Sept. 24, following the Marketing Evolution: C-Suite Summit.

You can also read more about last year’s Brand winners, as well as winners in the Innovators and Media categories.

If you feel like you know someone who might be worthy of recognition on the media side of the industry, entries for The New Establishment: Media also remain open.