What are the most in-demand marketing jobs in Canada?

Research shows demand for designers and project managers, while brand managers and social jobs rank lower on the list.
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Graphic design jobs are among the most searched-for marketing positions in Canada, according to a recent survey by marketing analytics and software company SEMrush.

According to data compiled in the company’s 2019 Canadian Career Outlook report, graphic design, project manager and research assistant jobs were the most searched-for jobs last year, with an average 2,400, 1,500 and 1,300 searches per month, respectively. Data analyst positions ranked fourth among the top 20, with just under 1,000 searches.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, the least amount of people searched for brand manager positions (69), followed by sales engineer and junior graphic design jobs (at 75 each).

According to the research, while searches for graphic design postings ranked number one overall, project manager roles were more in demand in the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island and Quebec.

Meanwhile, in six provinces, social media jobs did not make the top-ten list, which SEMrush notes as being “somewhat unexpected given the rise in digitalization.” However, when looking only within jobs related to content creation, the company says the role of social media manager topped all other searches in Canada, followed by SEO consultant and content writer.

The report, which also includes results on the top jobs searches across industries, what employers look for in employees and the most visited job sites in Canada, pulls broader conclusions about trends in marketing job searches as well.

For example, it found that roles in data and research are becoming increasingly popular.

“There are also agencies, trend watchers and data managers to analyze the informational environment, pop culture and the way more unique behaviours become trends to develop a marketing and communication strategy that would strike consumers’ nerves in a positive way,” it says. “Techniques and dedicated skillsets managing complicated time-sensitive projects may be driving greater demand for project management professionals.”

With respect to the type of employment prospects are looking for, searches for part-time jobs and freelance gigs were “more or less on par” with previous findings, raking in around 16,000 to 19,000 searches per month.

However, the report notes a “noteworthy” uptick in the amount of searches for full-time employment opportunities, with the average increasing by 53% within the last three years. Meanwhile, searches for project work, internship opportunities and flexible working hours were down 17%, 18% and 21%, respectively.