MLSE invests in tech via Ricoh partnership

The owner of the Leafs and Raptors is staying current to facilitate collaboration and attract talent in a competitive market.


Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) is looking to score points with current and prospective employees by teaming up with Ricoh Canada to work smarter.

“Our workplace is going through a digital transformation and Ricoh is a valued partner in that journey,” says Humza Teherany, chief technology and digital officer at MLSE. “Having up-to-date technology makes collaboration more effective, more efficient, more intuitive and more mobile. It empowers our employees to contribute to conversations and projects from wherever their work takes them.”

Teherany says it’s key to provide MLSE teams with tech tools that make their work lives run better. For example, interactive flat panel displays that enable meeting participants to view and interact with presentations and documents together in real-time (both in-office and remotely) are among the collection of technology Ricoh is bringing to MLSE’s downtown Toronto offices, said Teherany. Digital technology and collaboration are becoming increasingly important to the way MLSE works: it also has a Digital Labs team, which is focused on ideating, developing and implementing digital solutions, both for the fan experience and the broader sports business, added Teherany.

The Toronto-based company owns several sports teams, including the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs and reigning NBA Champions, the Toronto Raptors. Even with the country basking in the afterglow of the Raptors’ historic win, MSLE still has to compete for a bevvy of in-house talent in Toronto’s highly-competitive job market. In addition to being seen as a modern, innovative workplace, the partnership with Ricoh will provide MLSE staff with the kinds of technology that will, in turn, help them work more efficiently, something that is important for MLSE when it comes to retaining and attracting the best-and-brightest.

“MLSE understands the value of teamwork and what a collaborative, adaptive approach brings to an organization,” says Glenn Laverty, president and CEO of Ricoh Canada and SVP of Ricoh North America’s strategy team. “Investing in technology signals to employees that an organization values their time, efforts and needs. By empowering digital workplaces to work smarter, businesses give workers the tools to accomplish tasks more quickly and effectively while allowing them to work in ways and locations that suit them.”

And Ricoh’s presence will also be felt outside MLSE’s cubicle walls at its various properties, such as Ricoh signage rink-side at Maple Leafs’ games or above the court when the Raptors play.