highlights the benefits of listening

For its second Canadian brand campaign, the audiobook company takes a more abstract approach to its "listen more" message.


Audiobooks service is promoting the benefits of listening in a new brand campaign, its second since launching in Canada more than two years ago.

The Amazon subsidiary and provider of audiobooks and other spoken word content worked with Grey Canada on the effort, which offers the broad promise that “Everything is better when you listen.”

The central 30-second video highlights moments in which listening can lead to tangible benefits and personal growth: listening to the words of a parent, to the voice of a generation calling for change, or to a well-told story that is simply entertaining. It’s in those moments, the spot suggests, that we discover life is made better through listening. A series of shorter videos exploring the stories within that broader theme are appearing on digital and social channels, as well as OOH.

“When we listen more, we feel more, learn more, laugh more, love more, imagine more,” says Georgia Knox, country manager for Audible Canada, of the central insight behind the campaign. “There’s so much [competing for our attention today], particularly for our eyes, our brains. Sometimes if we just take a step back, through the simplicity of listening, that’s powerful for our own well-being.”

In this sense, “Everything is better when you listen” is grounded in similar insights as a campaign currently running in the U.S. And while the content reveals a similar target customer on both sides of the border – everyone from parents to history buffs and wellness fans – the Canadian commercial is told through a narrative, as opposed to a string of testimonials. launched in 2017, becoming the company’s first bilingual website, offering content in almost 40 languages. Though Canadians had access to at the time, Knox says the company wanted to create a hub with content produced and curated specifically for Canadian audiences.

At launch, it offered more than 300,000 audiobooks and other pieces of audio content, like podcasts, including over 100 new titles from Canadian authors. Its collection has since grown to some 450,000 titles, according to Knox, making awareness of the depth and breadth of its offering one of the primary goals of the current campaign.

Last year marked the Canadian arm’s first substantial brand campaign. The work was based on the platform concept of “Listen More,” and aimed to introduce the service to Canadians unfamiliar with what Audible offered. In short, it was “much more use-case, introductory,” Knox says. The latest work takes that concept a step further, extending into “the points of human connection that are made.”

The company was able to leverage “relatively strong” brand awareness at launch, thanks to Canadians’ familiarity with, enabling it to focus more on getting consumers to convert and pay the $14.95/month subscription fee.

Though hopes to reach French-speakers in Quebec and elsewhere with its French-language service, the current campaign is rolling out in English only. According to Knox, its Quebec play has so far been limited to more event-driven marketing, but it hopes to ramp up efforts there later this year.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to reflect that Audible offers content in almost 40 languages.