ADCC releases webathon agenda

The 24-hour fundraiser will feature more than 30 sessions ranging from inspiring to downright weird.

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The ADCC has released the full schedule for a 24-hour, live-streamed fundraiser it hopes will help keep it in business.

With its awards gala cancelled and educational programming going virtual, the ADCC is one of many organizations that’s struggling during the pandemic, facing a $50,000 shortfall in funding.

To help raise the funds, the ADCC and Zulu Alpha Kilo came up with the idea of a 24-hour, live-streamed “webathon” that will begin Friday evening, continuing through the night and into Saturday.

Realizing that it might be hard for people to make it through the whole webathon (ADCC president Andrew Simon previously told strategy that he hopes people will get a sense of pride in the industry whether they watched “for an hour, or five hours, or 10 hours, or the full 24 hours”), the ADCC has released the schedule for the livestream so people can plan their 24 hours accordingly (or set their alarm to make sure they catch one of the late-night sessions).

There will be more than 30 sessions over the 24-hour period, featuring industry luminaries from inside and outside of Canada, including Judy John, Diti Katona, John Pylypczak Director X and Terry O’Reilly. Zulu Alpha Kilo’s Zak Mroueh is also set to interview David Droga and Alex Bogusky.

Many of the panels look to bring sage advice to viewers, such as discussions about how to start your own agency, doing great work for both paid and pro-bono clients, and how Canada’s creative approach holds up on the world stage.

But some also veer into the realm of late-night delirium, such as a stream of Simon sleeping or reading the annual to his family, or Cossette’s Peter Ignazi answering audience questions over breakfast. The event will include a silent auction, documentary screening and a “copywriter battle,” in which four writers will be given two minutes to write the best headline for an image they receive.

The full schedule can be found below (click to enlarge). The webathon begins on Friday July 9 at 7 p.m., hosted on YouTube and the ADCC website.