WonderBra modernizes itself with a new idea of ‘comfort’

The legacy brand focuses on the relationships that help women fight stereotypes and be who they want to be.
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By Surina Nath

WonderBra is taking on a modernized marketing approach over the next year, geared towards aligning the comfort and versatility it is known for with a desire to feel comfortable in one’s own skin.

Branding agency Imago has been working with the company over the last five years, helping showcase the brand’s passion for comfortable undergarments, most recently for the launch of its comfort-focused “New Wave” collection.

The new ads feature images of women from different ethnic backgrounds, ages and sizes to emphasize the importance of comfort in all areas of life, be it in what they wear, in fighting stereotypes or the relationships they have with other women that give them the strength to do so.

The campaign ties back into “Be Your Own Kind of Wonderful,” the individualistic brand ethos the brand has been championing for the last five years, but this time illustrated by focusing on the other women who help you be the person you want to be.

Vickie Émond, art director at Imago says that’s “a modern message – the imagery, background and tone are simple and straightforward and our goal, ultimately, was to touch and inspire.”

While the campaign is looking to continue modernizing the WonderBra brand, it is still rooted firmly in its history of providing comfortable undergarments that fit the needs of individuals while feeling a part of a reliable community.

“If we look back during the 70’s,” Marianne Cobb, general manager for Canada at WonderBra’s parent company Hanes, explains, “our message was ‘Dici or Nothing’,” referring to campaigns for the brand’s first seamless bra, appealing to women looking to wear less. The brand is continuing that tradition, but adding more of an emotional connection by expanding that idea to feeling comfortable “in yourself,” something that will resonate both with its slightly older, loyal consumer base as well as a younger, new generation of loyalists.

“It permits us to discover an emotional connection between real people that all consumers can identify with,” Cobb says. “The collection itself delivers on the comfort consumers are seeking for their new normal as they work from home in a more relaxed environment.”

The brand launched its New Wave collection at the beginning of October, anticipating increasing demand for wire-free bras and seamless underwear. Cobb says comfort is more important than ever before and this collection delivers styles for woman of all shapes and generations.

The campaign began in October on social and digital channels, running through December.

WonderBra has grown a stronger presence online over the last few years, shifting more marketing investments towards channels that offer a more direct drive to ecommerce channels, an area Cobb says continues to be a key area for growth.