ICYMI: Inside the AToMiC jury room

NFA's Jordan Doucette and Canadian Tire's Eva Salem led the fly-on-the-wall discussion around the work that won big this year.

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 4.32.50 PM

In true pandemic pivot fashion, strategy flipped the script on this year’s AToMiC awards show – instead of another virtual gala, the publication created a content piece around the winners that struck Gold.

During today’s AToMiCon seminar, the Grand Prix and top medalists were given the spotlight in a roundtable featuring a sample of the 2021 jurors and its two co-chairs discussing the work and the insights they gleaned.

In the room was Jordan Doucette of No Fixed Address and Eva Salem of Canadian Tire, who led the 30-minute conversation with Rethink’s Dhavall Bhatt, 123W’s Mo Bofill, Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation’s Alyssa Huggins, Breathing Green Solutions’ Savoir Joseph and Leo Burnett’s Brent Nelsen.

If you missed the session, strategy has made it available for all to view below and on AToMiCon. To catch up on all of the AToMiC winners and their case studies, check out the awards site here.