Juliet wins AOR duties with Travel Edge

The Toronto-based agency is tasked with helping the travel brand reposition itself in the post-pandemic future.

Luxury-focused travel agency Travel Edge has selected Juliet to lead creative as its agency of record as the world begins to reopen from the COVID-19 pandemic.

As vaccination rates climb and restrictions ease, Travel Edge is looking to position itself as a “badge brand with both consumers and the travel industry more broadly,” says Darya Klymenko, creative director at Juliet.

Travel Edge launched in 2011 and specializes in leisure, corporate and event and tour travel. Its network includes hundreds of advisors in those specialty areas, with leisure being its largest division, counting 10 offices in the U.S., Canada and Bermuda, and employing more than 750 advisors.

The company has identified “a huge opportunity to really shake things up within the travel industry” coming out of the pandemic, Klymenko says, and is tapping Juliet to lead the creative charge.

Juliet, which won the assignment through an RFP process, is tasked “to bring [Travel Edge's] new positioning to life in a way that feels fresh, culturally relevant and to continue to build momentum and meaning for the brand,” she says.

“With pent-up consumer demand there is a big opportunity to show consumers how a relationship with a Travel Edge advisor can turn your next trip into one that is curated perfectly for you based on your every need,” Klymenko adds.