Gore Mutual puts ‘doing good’ first in brand refresh

One of Canada's oldest insurers is modernizing with a purpose-driven mission as it prepares to expand nationally.


Gore Mutual has taken the next step in its revitalization plan with a refresh of the 180-year-old insurer’s brand that’s focused on modernizing the way it talks about its purpose as a mutual insurance company.

The rebrand effort was led by VP of marketing Julia Carr, who joined Gore late last year, and is the next phase of a multi-year plan to grow the business as “a purpose-driven, digitally-led national insurer,” she tells strategy. “Since we began this journey, we’ve already made significant enhancements to our operations, our technology and our products. It was important that the brand, grounded in our purpose, captured the insurer that we are today and reflected our ambition to scale as a modern mutual.”

Purpose is at the heart of the new brand, which introduces both a new motto – “Insurance that does good” – and a new, stylized “O” symbol that represents what the brand calls “a virtuous cycle of ‘good,’” Carr says. Part of that comes from Gore’s status as a mutual – insurance’s equivalent to a credit union, it is owned by its policy holders, and any profit it acquires is either returned to members or re-invested in the company.

Gore“This notion of ‘mutual benefit’ has always been in our DNA, but now we are redefining what it means to be a modern mutual,” she adds. “We can share the reward – with our people and our communities. We believe being good to our employees and doing good by our customers will not only benefit them, but also us, which in turn allows us to spread good in our communities and reward the good we see in others. Bottom line: it’s just good business.”

That’s where the “cycle” part of the rebrand comes in: if it takes care of its customers, staff and communities, Gore’s business model means the bottom line will “take care of itself.” Profits earned on top of that are reinvested, which leads to more long-term rewards and sustainability. That creates more mutual benefit, and the cycle begins again.

The refresh doesn’t come from nowhere. Gore was founded in 1839, Carr says, “and has a long history of supporting communities across Canada.” The new imagery and motto simply help to “modernize” its look and business “to reflect our ambition to scale the company and expand across Canada.”

The brand refresh coincides with a major investment in a new office at 320 Bay Street in Toronto’s downtown core as the company aims to expand into a national entity. The company already had two offices – its head office in Cambridge, Ontario and an office in Vancouver – and has approximately 450 employees across the country.

“The opening of the new Toronto space and our presence in Toronto’s financial district reflects our national scale ambition with sales-oriented trading centres now in downtown Toronto and Vancouver,” explains Carr. The new office is 10,000 square feet of open concept co-working space, built in “a renovated historic building” that “nods to our legacy as one of Canada’s first insurers.”

Gore is unleashing its new brand through an integrated marketing and communications plan, including paid web, email and print advertising; direct email marketing; content marketing; organic and paid social media and online video and other assets.